Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 24, 2008 - Update - 1st FollowUp Visit

Friends - thanks for the continued prayers!! Today is 13 days after surgery and my recovery has been absolutely miraculous!! This past Tuesday, July 22 I celebrated my 42nd birthday and it was a very special day of celebration for me!! Thank God for HIs mercies!! We are so blessed and so grateful for all the Father is showing us during this time.

Today I had my first follow-up visit with the neurosurgeon since being released from hospital last Thursday, July 24.

We didn't receive a lot of info... did get the stitch out of my back from the spinal fluid drip, didn't have hormone results yet from endocrinologist, gave me freedom to drive and slowly start being active. Will have yearly MRI's for 5 years for observation, will have vision test in a few months, will have another follow up with him in 3 weeks.

So, right now we're praying for:
- adrenal gland function to be stimulated to work so I won't have to take medication (we don't know yet that it's NOT working properly, we just don't have results yet), 
- energy and strength to continue returning
- normal sleep cycle
- ability to bring life of Jesus to neurosurgeon (Dr. David Kosmoski) and staff

We are SO grateful for your continued love and prayer support. We have been carried in the grace of the Father and the prayers of the saints!! Thank you all so much for showing amazing love and compassion and very practical expressions of the love of Jesus during this journey!!

Barry and Alyssa Garrett

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