Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 13, 2008 Day 2 recovery and prayer requests

again, I want to start by giving thanks and praise to Jesus who continues to orchestrate a wonderful healing recovery. 

and i want to thank all of you, my precious, sweet family and friends who are continuing to pray during this time. we are so covered in the grace of Jesus and are so grateful for your vital support right now.

today is day 2 after surgery to remove tumor attached to pituitary gland and i am doing great. i have had NO pain or nausea. i have had rest, food, drink and LOTS of TLC. my wife Alyssa has been my rock - the picture of grace and strength in a dark storm. I love you Alyssa!!  She has had a great team helping her - my mom and my dad, Karen Taylor, Tim Michael, Brent Jones, and so many others I'm sure. And I have to mention the greatness of the staff at HEB ICU who has done a fantastic job - seriously they have.

my neurosurgeon Dr Kosmoski is top shelf and I am so blessed to have him leading my team.

because of the type of surgery i had, i have a spinal fluid drip to keep from putting too much pressure on the brain. 

tomorrow is a big day as Dr Kosmoski is going to stop the draining to make sure the seal in and around surgical area will hold. as he stops the drain, they will slowly be elevating my head tomorrow to make sure there is no fluid drainage. so please pray that my head can handle the pressure of the fluid inside the body, and that there's no drainage through the head/throat.

if no drainage, on tuesday the spinal fluid drain will be removed from my back and I can begin minimal activity (sitting/walking) and prayerfully be moved to a private room (yeah for less restrictive visiting hours and I can see my four year old Jack)

If that works out on Tuesday, then Wed will schedule another MRI to verify healing/shrinking of remainder of tumor that could not be taken out at surgery.

then another field of vision test

and then hopefully go home around Friday.

I can't wait to get out of here and celebrate with each and everyone of you. telling you thanks every day online is just not enough for me. I want to give hugs and tell you of the hours I cried and cried as I knew you were praying for me.

there has been a lot of healing going on inside my heart as well as my head this week and I'm a grateful kid of the most high God surrounded by terrific family and friends!!

grace and peace to you and yours - 

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